Day: January 12, 2023

Rising Damp TreatmentRising Damp Treatment

The term ‘rising damp’ refers to a build up of moisture that can cause serious problems. It can affect a building’s internal walls and surfaces, as well as its foundations and timber.

Can rising damp be permanently fixed?

Common signs of damp specialists sydney include paint and plasterwork peeling, wallpaper loosening and a noticeable stain forming on the wall where water has penetrated. In severe cases, salts can emerge on the wall as well, creating white salt stains or ‘tide marks’.

Symptoms of rising damp also include the smell of mould and mildew and a musty odour in the property. It can also lead to a decrease in the value of the property, so it is important to address the issue as soon as possible.

Moisture meter readings can help to diagnose the problem, but it is still essential to get in touch with a chartered building surveyor for more specialist advice. They will be able to identify the source of the problem and recommend the most effective solution for your home.

Treating rising damp involves a range of methods, but it is essential that the underlying cause is treated first and foremost. This could be due to a lack of a damp proof course, faulty gutters or downpipes, ground water seepage or poor surface drainage around the property.

One method of treating rising damp is the use of an electro-osmotic system. This method of managing damp works by using a small electronic charge to repel the rising water from the wall and back into the ground. This process can be used on both historic and modern buildings, as long as the underlying issue is addressed.

How to Choose the Best Athletic ShirtsHow to Choose the Best Athletic Shirts

Whether you’re an everyday runner or a gym-going enthusiast, athletic shirts are the perfect way to keep you looking and feeling your best. Look for fabrics that are breathable, moisture-wicking, and UV-protective to stay comfortable in even the hottest weather.

7 Best Workout Shirts for Men in 2023

An athletic fit shirt is a style of dress shirt that’s specially designed for an athletic shaped body. They’re a little closer to the body than regular fit and usually have a more tailored look.

The main issue with an athletic fit is that they can be a little too tight around the upper chest, shoulders, and arms. This is particularly true for people with muscular builds. This link :

A regular fit is a dress shirt that comes in a tapered cut through the midsection and waist. This fits the torso and waist nicely but can often come with a bagginess around the arms and shoulders, which is uncomfortable for many people with muscular builds.

How to Choose an Athletic Shirt

If you’re looking for a shirt that can handle multiple types of workouts, Ten Thousand’s Versatile Shirt is the right choice. This lightweight, breathable option feels great when it’s time to get moving and works just as well for cardio or weight lifting.

Under Armour is a name that’s synonymous with performance clothing, and their line of sweat-wicking gear has something for everyone. UA’s new and improved fabrics, like Charged Cotton, UA TECH and Storm, wick sweat so you can perform better while staying cool.