Day: February 25, 2023

Baby Rattles Are the Perfect Toy for NewbornsBaby Rattles Are the Perfect Toy for Newborns

baby rattle toy

Baby Rattles Are The Perfect Toy for Newborns

A baby rattle is a toy that has a special sound when the child shakes it. They have been used for many years, and are an essential part of a baby’s early developmental learning.

Babies love to wiggle and shake a Estella rattle baby for a variety of reasons: it’s fun, it stimulates their senses and it helps strengthen hand and eye coordination. They’re also a good way to get a baby excited about tummy time.

Grasping Starts in Babies’ First Months

By three months, most babies begin grasping objects by opening and closing their fists. They then learn how to pick up small objects such as Cheerios, beads or baby rattles using their thumb and index fingers.

DIY Baby Rattle Toys: Easy and Fun Craft Ideas for Your Little One

Babies need to be able to lift their heads and move their bodies to develop head and neck control. A rattle can be placed slightly out of reach and can motivate a baby to lift their head, roll over or squirm on their belly.

Tummy time isn’t always fun for babies, but it’s crucial to helping them develop head and neck control and the ability to crawl or walk. Place a baby’s favorite rattle just out of reach, and you may find them lifting their head to grab it.

A good rattle should be plush and non-toxic, large enough to avoid choking, and free of loose pieces or chew marks that could scrape their gums. Look for a plastic rattle that is phthalate-free, as these are chemicals known to cause cancer in children.