The Otherside: Falling Up! Brandon Taylor Erics

ISBN: 9781452002767

Published: January 14th 2014


88 pages


The Otherside: Falling Up!  by  Brandon Taylor Erics

The Otherside: Falling Up! by Brandon Taylor Erics
January 14th 2014 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 88 pages | ISBN: 9781452002767 | 4.55 Mb

Validation equals survival. This one point summarizes what this book is about. It is an attempt to put into context the struggle that has occurred within and outside of the gay community for equality, justice and substantiation. This book will seek to paint a picture of homo-sexism through various institutions in this country that shape societal views and perceptions.

I define homo-sexism as discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the homosexual orientation- including from within the gay community. No where have I seen this term used or defined. Why not? Homo-sexism exists and I believe because it has not been defined, it will continue to exist. Have we jumped defining basic terms in light of more dramatic terms, such as hate crimes or homophobia? Homo-sexism is not the same as homophobia. Homophobia describes a fear against same-sex preferences that can lead to homo-sexism and ultimately hate crimes.

There is a process. It is appropriately used to legally and culturally define the use of ones gender against the individual or group, but does not include homosexuality. It is because there is so much passion, several issues exude at once. Because of this multiple exudation, this project began out of frustration and utter invalidation. How is that for a motivation? Many friends and students have directly or indirectly encouraged me to go forward with my ideas. This book examines the struggles one gay man has in his life and uncovers the truth it holds as he combats love, disease and society.

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