Lady of Spirit Edith Layton

ISBN: 9780451145178

Published: October 7th 1986


270 pages


Lady of Spirit  by  Edith Layton

Lady of Spirit by Edith Layton
October 7th 1986 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 270 pages | ISBN: 9780451145178 | 9.57 Mb

It started real great.. and then went downhill. The ending was somewhat poignant and touching, but the whole story after they removed from London to the hall was, well, insipid, I flipped through the pages. It was my second read anyway, I wasnt missing much.

Its surprising how the whole story degenerated, its almost like two different authors wrote it. It was so witty, every sentences leaping off the page to portray the bustle of london slum and the fair (both in looks and morality) miss dawkins. Its hard not to like her when she thinks and acts just like us in real life - how she responds to events is not a stereotyped, one-dimensional, almost knee-jerk reaction to given input.

how many authors, when given a situation a poor but dignified heroine is offered a banknote, shows that its her vanity to be an equal in handsome earls eyes rather that an honorable character refusing such monetary gains? That her hasty escape when first encountering two lords was not from a displeasure of associating with one who ruined her but from her guilt of being caught in flagrante delicto? Thats the reason I fell in love with the book just in two chapters, and although the second half is beyond disappointing, I have to give it solid four stars.

As for the disappointing part.. everything. Dialogues between Cole and Victoria convinced me they are match made in heaven if they find such uninspiring chat to be so amusing. Theres no chemistry. none. nada. zilch. I swooned along with Cole when he fell in love(or lust) at first sight- then I was begging them to just stop this self imposed agony and get on with it.

The writing was dull, sparkless. The only redeemable feature was Miss Comfort - Coles cavalier treatment of her was galling so I hoped he would be proven wrong, I was so glad that Layton gave dimensions to her.

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