The Meaning Of This Life Bô Yin Râ (J. A. Schneiderfranken)



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The Meaning Of This Life  by  Bô Yin Râ (J. A. Schneiderfranken)

The Meaning Of This Life by Bô Yin Râ (J. A. Schneiderfranken)
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In this book the author speaks to readers who are asking whether human life on earth indeed has any meaning- and if so, what that meaning is, and how one could pursue a meaningful existence. For those who would not waste their lives in aimless theories, the present work will offer solid grounds on which to build a life that is not only spiritually secure and physically productive, but also intellectually enlightened: because its guiding principles are rooted in the recognition of eternal law. As in his Book on Happiness, the author states that lasting joy is not a gift of chance awarded from without, but rather the creation of an active soul, so too the readers life is bound to have no meaning unless such meaning is created by determined human will.While there are many goals one can pursue to give ones life subjective meaning, the author shows that none surpasses that of which the ancient sages wrote as being mankinds highest good: the conscious rediscovery of our timeless spiritual nature, through which not only our present life, but also our state in life beyond will be affected most profoundly.To help the reader recognize and reach that highest of all human goals remains the foremost aim of all the authors writings.

It also is the purpose of the present work. And here he deals with, in particular, the mystery of evil manifest in human nature- the need to find a new approach to asking final questions- the dangers of experimenting with occult phenomena- the difference between subjective verities and absolute, objective Truth- and also of the subtle ways in which the Spirits world is often apprehended unawares, and in the midst of ordinary daily life.Of special interest should prove the chapter on the benefits of silence, given that this discipline seems nowadays to many a forgotten art.

Stressing that our present life is but the preparation for the life to come, whose state will be determined largely by our conduct here and now, the book concludes with this advice: If you would lend abiding purpose to your life on earth, be sure that everything you undertake is always done in such a way that it will likewise further values of a higher kind.

For, in the end, your present life will have true meaning only if it continues to be fruitful, and if its harvest shall be yours to reap for all eternity.The Kober Presss translations of the books of Bô Yin Râ are the only English translations authorized by the Kober Verlag, Switzerland.

The Kober Verlag publishes the books of Bô Yin Râ in the original German and has protected their integrity since Bô Yin Râs lifetime.Contents:A Call to the Lost. The Iniquity of the Fathers. The Highest Good. The Evil Individual. Summons from the World of Light. The Benefits of Silence. Truth and Verities. Conclusion.

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