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Bariatric Protein Powder

bariatric protein powder

During the first few months after bariatric protein surgery, it can be difficult for patients to get enough protein to meet their recommended daily intake. Fortunately, protein shakes are an easy way to meet your needs and make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

Depending on your specific needs, your doctor may prescribe whey protein powder to boost your protein intake. This protein has high amino acids and can help you increase your muscle mass.

It also aids in regenerating cells and strengthening your muscles. Moreover, it can boost energy levels without causing a crash.

Perfect Keto Collagen Peptides is a lactose-free protein powder that’s perfect for gastric sleeve patients who want to boost their protein intake. It also includes 5g of MCT oil to provide a quick energy boost.

How Bariatric Protein Powder Can Help You Build Muscle

Musclegen Medical Grade Protein is a low sugar, low carb option for bariatric patients that comes in a variety of flavors. This non-GMO protein powder is gluten free and has a 4.4 star rating on Amazon.

Naked Nutrition’s grass-fed whey protein powder is another option for bariatric patients that offers 25 grams of protein, less than 60 calories per serving and no artificial sweeteners or flavors. This 4.6 star rated product is great for people looking to increase their protein intake and is a low carb and low fat choice.

Some bariatric patients are able to consume liquids like smoothies and protein shakes on a regular basis, while others need to follow a liquid diet for the first few weeks after surgery. When you do begin to incorporate solid foods back into your diet, be careful not to overdo it. Dumping syndrome can occur if you drink too many fizzy protein shakes or chocolate milkshakes that contain high amounts of sugar.

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