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Customized Tyvek Wristbands

customized tyvek wristbands

Customized Tyvek Wristbands are an effective and inexpensive way to brand your event or establishment.

These customized tyvek wristbands are available in various sizes and can be printed with a variety of designs, logos and messages. They are a popular choice for crowd control and access management in many types of events including festivals, concerts, sporting events, conferences, theme parks, nightclubs & bars, schools, art shows & entertainment venues.

Tyvek Wristbands (sometimes called screening wristbands) are an affordable, reliable and effective way to identify your patrons and VIP guests. They are made from DuPontTM Tyvek(r) – a lightweight paper-like material that cannot be torn, which makes them perfect for security purposes in many environments.

This durable, paper-like material is water resistant and can be printed with any message, logo, image or QR code you want. They are also sequentially numbered, making it easy to track head counts and venue capacity.

Why Customized Tyvek Wristbands Are the Perfect Choice for Your Next Event

They are a great option for identifying people at your event, bar, club, restaurant or medical facility and are recommended for 1-2 day use. They feature a diecut adhesive closure that is destroyed after removal, preventing tampering and copying of admissions.

These detachable stub paper wristbands are ideal for door tickets, draw, coat checks and child care pick up. They can also be imprinted with a coupon for 10% off at your establishment or restaurant and are an effective and cheap marketing tool.

They are also available in full color printing, allowing for more detailed imagery such as photographs or logos to be printed. They are available in 500 pieces per roll with 250 sets of numbers.

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