Bajingan-bajingan Perang Frederick Forsyth


Published: 2004


842 pages


Bajingan-bajingan Perang  by  Frederick Forsyth

Bajingan-bajingan Perang by Frederick Forsyth
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I spent fourteen years in the U.S. Army (1986-2000). Approximately seven years in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve and seven years in the Regular Army. I was eighteen when I enlisted in 1986 and I was all about the action. I had obviously watched too many Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone movies. By the time I separated from the Army in 2000 I had come to realize a few crucial things about the military and combat operations.1.

Beans and bullets (logistics) are everything. The side that excels in running an effective logistical network might not win the conflict, but it will probably at least ensure that when its time to pull out the troops theyll do it on their own terms. See Iraq (2003-2011).2. For every soldier whose mission is to engage in active combat operations against an opponent there are five or more soldiers and civilians whose job is to get that soldier (marine, airmen, sailor etc.)into the combat zone and keep that soldier supplied and cared for.3.

Wars are expensive.In more ways than one.4. Combat operations consume vast amounts of resources. Money, lives, food, fuel, raw materials and so on. (See #3).5. The devil is in the details. Effective organization and planning is very very important. Without it you dont have a chance.6. A soldiers life is not a glamorous one.Mr. Forsyth does an excellent job of showing what goes into organizing a professional and effective military force and combat operation.Its a tedious and time consuming job. He shows that a one hour combat operation involving a few dozen soldiers entails several thousand hours of planning and training.

The details that many have found to be tedious are part of war. How much the details of the International Arms Trade has changed over the past forty years I cant say. Obviously technology has changed. However one thing that hasnt changed is the side that has the best chance of winning is the side that is the best equipped, organized and led.

The Dogs of War isnt a Tom Clancy novel. Its a non-sentimental look at a military operation. Albeit a mercenary operation.It might be a little dry, but then so is real life.

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