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Janes Bonds  by  Eva Hore

Janes Bonds by Eva Hore
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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed, sexually explicit themes.Jane’s Bonds by Shanna GermainJane has always wanted to experiment with sex toys, but her husband’s tastes are strictly vanilla. When she sees the purple fur-lined wrist cuffs in a mail order catalogue, she imagines how it would feel to be bound and blindfolded, waiting for Derek to do whatever he wants to her. How can she get him to make her fantasy an erotic reality?Skin Deep by Cathryn CooperCarew is strictly a ladies’ man, so why does he feel the need to spend so much time in the company of pretty boy Francis?

He aims to show the boy the delights of sex with a woman and reinforce his own heterosexual credentials. When Francis doesn’t respond to his erotic display, Carew determines to thrash some sense into him, only for events to take a startling turn.Tiger, Tiger by Paige RobertsDavid is searching for the Indian tiger goddess, but to find her he must spend a night tied to the stone table in the jungle clearing - an ordeal he may not survive. As the noise of a tiger’s roar comes closer, he struggles against his bonds.

But when the animal’s form appears to change into that of a stunning, naked woman, David realises the goddess’ caress is to be welcomed, not feared, even if it costs him his life.Black And White Photos by Sommer MarsdenShe’s finding it hard to take the art exhibition seriously, until she comes to the black and white photos.

The erotic images reveal to her the true beauty and excitement of BDSM games, and suddenly she wants to try them for herself. Back at home, she lets Charles, her husband, take charge, blindfolding and binding her for an experience she will never forget.My First Time by Eva HoreRita’s not supposed to enter the room with the black-painted door when her boyfriend’s not around, but she can’t resist showing Doris what’s inside.

Doris can’t understand why anyone would want racks and ropes in their home, until Rita persuades her to try them out. Just as she’s getting in the swing of things, Rita’s boyfriend comes home. Together, they will show Doris exactly what it means to be tied and teased.These stories have also been published in Tie Me Up.

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