Soup Kitchen (Gravewalkers #9) Richard T. Schrader


Published: August 30th 2013

Kindle Edition

468 pages


Soup Kitchen (Gravewalkers #9)  by  Richard T. Schrader

Soup Kitchen (Gravewalkers #9) by Richard T. Schrader
August 30th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 468 pages | ISBN: | 4.24 Mb

The archeological discovery of a hibernating man in a sarcophagus unleashes a plague that transforms people into infectious ghouls. Forty months later, World War Zombie is over and the infected have won. The Dying Time has now begun. With all organized resistance fallen, the final would-be survivors armed with their rules, a box of food, and their small cache of weapons come to discover that their fortified bunkers arent enough.

The food runs out, fresh water is hard to acquire, and the infected have come to stay. King Louie defies the odds and takes a stand against the ghoulish legions. Three hundred years in the future, the zombies still rule the world as they hunt and kill natural humans on sight. Mankind survives in orbital space aboard their ultra-secure technological habitats. Even with their superior science and hard won experience, mysterious accidents and inexplicable disasters continue to thwart all attempts to restore a permanent foothold on their quarantined planet.

Captain Critias of the Marshal Services Virgil Ludus and his combat android Carmen are on the front lines in humanitys struggle to survive. Critias is on the trail of the secretive watchers that he believes are the source of so many unsolved calamities.

Hidden in the impenetrable reforested wilds of Earths ruins are ancient immortal ghouls that still retain their former human intelligence that they use to defend their world against humans that have become the unwelcome interlopers. When a prodigy physicist opens a portal into the distant past, Critias and Carmen travel back in time to join King Louies community of survivor heroes in the hope that they will find the mysterious man from the sarcophagus and learn the secret that will let mankind finally reclaim the Earth from the immortal ghouls.

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