The Satoritea Company Business Mintsoft Review of Ogden Fulfillment

Mintsoft Review of Ogden Fulfillment

Ogden FulfilmentOgden Fulfilment are a UK-based fulfillment warehouse that offer a fully tailored and flexible service to meet their clients’ needs. They can handle local, regional, national and overseas delivery and have a range of storage options available to them including pallets, shelving and racking.Go here :

Before implementing Mintsoft, the Ogden Fulfilment team were running just one warehouse and relied on manual processes to fulfil their client’s orders. They would manually go into their clients’ sales channels – at regular intervals – to check for orders, pull them and create the shipping labels for each package. This took hours to do, reducing their ability to grow by increasing their workforce.

From Warehouse to Doorstep: The Journey of Ogden Fulfilment Orders

Ogden Fulfilment Limited is a UK-based company based at 2, Acre Park, Dalton Lane, Keighley BD21 4JH. It has 2 directors and a total of 86 employees. Its turnover for the year ending March 2022 was PS6.8 million and it has net assets of -PS220.2 thousand. Get a real-time insight into Ogden Fulfilment Limited’s credit score, group structure and payment trends. This will not impact your credit rating. Find out more about this business and the other companies in its group. Use our free tool to compare companies.

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