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Rip Surfboards – Surfs on the Cutting Edge

rip surf

Rip Surf is an aggressive brand of surfing that has grown in popularity in Southern California since 2003. Its unique features include its rip surf boards that have been purposely created to resemble a “standard” surf board but with added flex. The boards have been tested and certified to float and handle the waves found in Southern California’s surf season. Rip Surf is also one of the few companies offering “one-day rentals” of its boards. In other words, you can hop on a Rip Surf board and go ride Southern California’s waves all over again the next day.

Why Need Surfs on the Cutting Edge

The Rip Surf line of surfing boards is loaded with features that make them unique. For example, the new Rip Surf designed in Southern California features a high-performance, full-grain urethane deck. The sintered profile ripsaws out at a 180-degree twist, enabling maximum rip and stability. The company’s patented flex design lets riders cut and carve like a true surf board, but even on dry land. The rider and boarder of the razor rip surf are solely responsible for adhering to all applicable laws and regulations concerning the use and riding of the razor rip surf board.

Another innovative feature of Rip Surf’s Rip Trac system is the inclusion of a high-performance, two-piece nose and brake system that make riding comfortable both in and out of the water. This system also adds a unique two-way foot paddle that enables surfers to change direction mid-surfer by pulling back on the foot paddle. The patented design allows surfers to carve their way out of trouble, while Rip Surf takes care of ride maintenance. If you’re looking for a brand of surfboard that works “like a pro”, look no further than Rip Surf boards and accessories.

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