Was wisst ihr denn schon Brock Cole


Published: October 2011


208 pages


Was wisst ihr denn schon  by  Brock Cole

Was wisst ihr denn schon by Brock Cole
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Brock Cole was born a year before the Second World War in a small town in Michigan. Because of his fathers work, his family moved frequently, but he never regarded these relocations as a hardship.I thought of myself as something of an explorer, even though my explorations never took me very far.

I had a deep and intimate acquaintance with woodlots, creeks, lakes, back streets, and alleys all over the Midwest.He attended Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, and received a doctorate from the University of Minnesota. After teaching philosophy for several years at the University of Wisconsin, he began writing and illustrating books for children.I had always wanted to write, and I loved to draw.

I had small children, who were a wonderful audience. Childrens books seemed a perfect fit.His first book, The King at the Door, was published in 1979. Among his other picture books are The Winter Wren, The Giants Toe, and Alpha and the Dirty Baby.He now lives in Buffalo, New York, where his wife, Susan, teaches at the State University of New York. His sons both live in Athens, Georgia.

Joshua teaches French history at the University of Georgia, and Tobiah is a painter and works as a waiter. Joshua is married to Kate Tremel, a potter and a teacher, and they have a little boy named Lucas.Brock Coles acclaimed first novel, The Goats, was published in 1987.

It is set in the Michigan countryside of his childhood and captures the story of two loners struggle for self-identity and inner strength after being made the targets of a cruel prank. In a Horn Book Magazine editorial, Anita Silvey wrote: The Goats reaffirms my belief that childrens literature is alive and thriving. Betsy Hearne, editor of The Bulletin of the Center for Childrens Books, lauded The Goats as one of the most important books of the decade.In Brock Coles second novel, Celine, sixteen-year-old Celine, a budding artist, is living with her young stepmother, only six years older than Celine herself, while her father is teaching in Europe.

Celine dreams of escaping this situation, but she becomes involved with caring for Jake, her seven-year-old neighbor, who is going through his parents divorce.Since he began his writing career, Brock Cole and his wife have traveled a good deal, living for one year in Washington and another in Germany, as well as spending frequent summers in Greece and Turkey.To be honest, I simply tag along after Susan. Its her research which takes us all over the place. I enjoy it immensely, though.

Theres something about sitting down to work at a rickety table in a strange city that clears the head. Its the best thing for a writer, or for this one, anyway.

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