The Satoritea Company BLOG What is GPR Survey?

What is GPR Survey?

What is gpr survey is a non-destructive underground geophysical scanning method which uses radar to find and map objects and features such as buried utilities, structural reinforcement, voids and groundwater. The survey equipment consists of transmitting and receiving antennae which are attached to a data-collecting computer system. The reflected signals are then recorded and displayed on screen to create a visual image of the subsurface. GPR can be used in a variety of applications from construction to archaeology and it is highly regarded by many industries as a cost-effective and accurate underground mapping solution.

In construction, the use of GPR can save time and money by allowing you to build your structure around existing utility lines rather than trying to relocate them once they have been installed. This can also prevent costly damage to your infrastructure and injury to personnel. GPR can also identify potential obstacles such as concrete structures, tree roots, and buried waste materials that would otherwise not show up in records and might cause problems with building or excavation work.

Demystifying GPR Surveying: How Does it Work

GPR is very effective in a wide range of conditions (uniform sandy soils are best) and can be adapted for a number of different applications from archaeology to finding buried drums or pipes. However, the conductive nature of clay or wet soils can attenuate the signal and limit the depth of investigation. GPR is also not as effective when working through puddled water, salt water, snow or similar confounding conditions.

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